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Toddler Bounce Houses and Ball Pits So They Jump for Joy

Sep 30

Toddler Bounce Houses and Ball Pits So They Jump for Joy

 Bounce houses (also called bouncy houses or bouncers) are a popular outdoor activity for children of all ages. Yes, this includes preschoolers and toddlers! Inflatable rentals like these can be an enjoyable way to socialize, get some exercise, improve motor skills, and work off some excess energy for small children.

To be clear, what we mean by bounce house is a large plastic inflatable structure, often in the shape of a building. They’ve been around since the early 60s and were invented because a mechanical engineer named John Scurlock noticed that his employees loved to jump on inflatable covers for tennis courts.

Today’s modern inflatable play structures are a lot safer than they were back then (the earliest ones had no walls or enclosures) and are made of more durable yet lightweight materials. You often see huge, complex bounce houses at fast-food restaurants and indoor play centers for kids.

Smaller versions of bouncy houses, designed for outdoor use, have become staples at children’s birthday parties, fairs, school events and family gatherings.

However, the bounce house that's appropriate for your 10-year-old is not ideal for your 3-year-old! It's important to use the inflatable that is best suited for the age group of the kids attending your party or gathering.

So, think about who's attending the party and what they'll enjoy and what will keep them safe too. You don't want larger teenagers and smaller children to be jumping and playing in the same unit at the same time. It's obvious that in a collision between 4-year-old Jacob and 14-year-old Noah, Jacob is the one mostly likely to get hurt.

(Even for older children, it’s best to limit players to those near the same size and weight and follow the recommended limits for number of children in the bounce house.)

Toddler bounce houses come in different sizes, for varying numbers of children, and with different features. You will find a wide variety of themes too, from popular characters such as Mickey Mouse or Sesame Street to more general castle or animal themes.

Watch this video of a Micky Mouse Toddler Inflatable Rental: 


Inflatable party rental companies typically define “toddlers” as kids aged 7 and under, though as mentioned earlier, age isn’t the only factor to consider when deciding which bounce house is best.

Some of the larger, more complex toddler bouncers include safety ramps for easy entrance and exit, a jump area, pop-up obstacles, steps and a small slide, and tunnels to crawl through. There should be a safety netting on any doors and windows. Bounce house units with open tops help parents look inside and allay the concerns of children who are scared by enclosed spaces.

Bounce houses with ball pits are also very popular, especially for toddlers and the younger set. Some "combo" bounce houses for little ones include both a ball pit and a jumping area, with a short wall separating the two areas.

Though bounce houses are available for purchase, it is often more convenient to rent one from a company like About to Bounce Inflatables in New Orleans. These companies buy durable structures, know how to set them up (and have the right equipment to do so). They’re experts and cleaning and sanitizing the units after use and have the right facilities to store them too.

If you’re planning a fun-filled day with toddlers around, a bounce house is a safe, welcome way to keep them occupied in a way that will make them “jump for joy”!

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