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Say Goodbye to Your Dentures: Orthodontics and Braces in Methuen

Sep 28

The Methuen Orthodontics and Braces clinic is one of the best in Methuen, MA. Offering braces and other orthodontic treatments to patients, the team at Methuen Orthodontics will make your teeth straight and healthy again. If you are interested in more information on how our services can help you, then please contact us today!

What are the benefits of orthodontics and braces in Methuen, MA?

Braces in Methuen straighten teeth and align the jaw to create a healthy, beautiful smile. This can lead to better self-confidence as well as prevent problems like tooth decay or gum disease. Orthodontics in Methuen MA is used for those with crowded mouths where there isn’t enough space between the top and bottom rows of teeth. It also helps correct overbites which are when the upper front teeth extend too far forward, making one's smile appear shorter.

Why should you choose orthodontics and braces overdentures?

Methuen Orthodontics and braces are a great way to improve not only your smile but also the function of your teeth. Braces can prevent more serious dental problems down the road like tooth decay or gum disease. Dentures on the other hand need regular adjustments that you don't get with orthodontic treatment. The process is faster too as it takes about half the time compared to getting traditional braces put in place - six months instead of twelve! You’ll see better results since they won’t be shifting around during their first year as opposed to dentures which might have been in use for decades prior without any care from an orthodontist.

How can you find out if your child needs orthodontic treatment?

If your child is having issues with their teeth, you should start looking into treatment options. One of these treatments could be orthodontic work to straighten the teeth and correct any misalignment problems that are occurring in children's mouths as they grow up. If a child has crowding or spacing issues between their teeth then it may be time for Methuen Clear Braces to come into play.

What is the process for getting an appointment with a qualified orthodontist in Methuen, MA?

The process for getting an appointment with a qualified orthodontist in Methuen, Massachusetts is as follows: at the initial visit, your Orthodontist will take detailed X-Rays of your mouth & teeth to determine whether or not you are a candidate for Braces or other advanced treatments like Invisalign in Methuen. 

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