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Oculus Quest 2 Games List

Oculus Quest 2 Games List

With the release of the Oculus Quest 2 headset last year at a price that has never been experienced in the VR world, many millions have jumped into these amazing devices, literally.

Before that time, the world of Virtual Reality was dominated by either big business, medical applications, educational apps or hard core gamers. But since that release, many more have joined the ranks who are looking for different kind of experiences.

  • Exercise
  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Meeting Friends
  • Couples playing together
  • Movies

These are just some of the ways that, while they were always there, more and more users are looking for and using them like never before. So, where to find which games or apps are the best?

You can find lists all over the internet, but the best place we’ve found so far is https://howtovr.com/docs/first-steps-quest-2-gh/list-quest-2-sharable-games/

It’s a beginner website for the Quest 2 and has tons of lists, links, tips and tricks that will help you enjoy your VR journey. Lists of free quest 2 games, great 360 VR movies to watch, and more.

There are tips for making your Quest headset more comfortable. Some of the most common issues that come up in virtual reality such as motion sickness are covered. If you’re looking for accessories they have information on those as well.

VR exercise has turned out to be one of the largest growth areas for the Quest. This comes with it’s own issues such as fogging of the lenses and dealing with the sweat that comes from a good virtual reality exercise. That’s covered as well. There’s a list of exercise games with information on each including more tips and tricks. Games such as Supernatural are covered with even more detail. FitRX is one of the more popular exercise games as well. Boxing games such as The Thrill of the Fight give you more of a workout than you ever imagined you could get with a game. A few rounds in this game and you’ll see what we mean. Supernatural is not only a good workout VR game, but also one of the best rhythm games as well. Other games such as SynthRiders, FitRX, Beat Saber and more are also very popular.

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