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Elderly Loved One Enjoys and Needs Care Packages

Mar 15

Care Packages for seniors are heartwarming way to let your elderly loved ones know you’re thinking of them. Whether they are recovering from surgery, are living alone at home or are in assisted living, sending them a thoughtful gift can give them a boost of joy and comfort. Care packages are especially meaningful if your elderly friend or loved one is confined to bed or unable to leave their house.

When choosing gifts for a care package, think about what your elderly loved one enjoys and needs. Whether they’re a bookworm, an avid reader or have difficulty moving around, including entertainment-related items in their care package will keep them occupied and focused on fun. If they have trouble reading, consider adding books in large print that are easy on their eyes. Crosswords, sudoku and word find puzzles are also a good addition. A subscription to a streaming service or gift cards to Amazon or Barnes and Noble are another great option for those who can’t travel outside of their homes but love to stay occupied.

Personal hygiene items and cozy accessories are often high on a senior’s wish list, as they can improve their daily comfort. A care package containing hair and body care products, lotions, and even bath products can go a long way in promoting their personal grooming and self-care. Additionally, a care package with a soft blanket or fuzzy pair of slippers will promote their sense of warmth and comfort.

As well as entertainment and personal care items, it’s important to include a few treats in a care package. Snacks can be a welcome break from the day-to-day and can help to sustain their energy levels. However, be sure to select snacks that are healthy and cater to a senior’s specific dietary requirements. Nuts, pre-packaged oatmeal cups, dark chocolate and other nutritious snacks are a great choice.

When creating a care package, don’t forget to include some photos and a handwritten note. This is an excellent way to show your loved one that you’re thinking of them and can be a great source of joy, particularly for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It’s also a great way to share recent family events that they may have missed, such as their grandchild’s graduation or the latest soccer win from their son.

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