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Tree of Life Wood Carving - Wall Art

Aug 9

You can decorate your home with the classic Tree of Life design or a modernized version. There is a tree of life wood carving to suit every taste. These carvings are created by hand using Suar wood, which is a natural multi-toned hardwood which ranges in color from deep warm brown to pale ivory. Natural wood has knots that could be considered defects, and may differ in appearance. A ring that is attached to the reverse of the piece allows you to attach it to the wall.

Balinese Tree of Life wood carving

Traditionally handcrafted traditionally by hand in Bali with traditional hand tools the suar wood Balinese Tree of Life wood carving is guaranteed to add an air of tradition and elegance to your home. Crafted using the traditional Tree of Life motif, it's decorated with a dark brown finish. The piece is a great way to decorate an open or contemporary area and can be paired with a variety of styles and decors.

The quality of each Balinese Tree of Life wood carving is exceptional. Each piece is made by hand to create an individual piece of decoration for your home. Each piece requires a masterful level of craftsmanship. As with all handmade items there will be slight variations present, but are not a cause for concern. These imperfections are normal and an inherent part of the hand-crafted nature of the item. You can choose a contemporary or traditional piece , but be sure that it includes the social responsibility aspect.

Solaris Ten wood wall panels designed after an old Tree of Life design

This beautiful wood wall panel was hand-crafted to look like an ancient Tree of Life. The panel features hidden birds as well as intricately designed leaves, branches and leaves. The design is rooted in ancient history and is widely used throughout the world. The rustic dark brown finish makes it easy to mount on any wall space. Hardware for hanging is provided on the reverse.

Re-imagined Tree of Life wood carving

Re-imagined Tree of Life wall art wall art made of wood depicts nature and growth in beautiful detailed hand-carved detail. Hand-carved in India by artists working in partnership with Indian artisans, this piece shows the gorgeous character of the mango wood. Birds are perched on the branches. The tree of life's roots are in the earth and reaches towards the sky, bridging the heavens and the earth. Like any handmade art piece There will be some minor variations, and each piece is not identical.

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