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What Side Effects Does Whiplash Cause?

Jan 26

You've probably seen the news lately about how dangerous whiplash can be. It's such a scary thing to think of, and it affects so many people! This article will talk about what whiplash is, what side effects it causes, and how chiropractors near you can help. We hope that these tips help you stay safe on the road!

What is whiplash in the first place?

Whiplash is a type of neck injury caused by the sudden movement of the head either backward, forward, or sideways. This can be from a car accident, but it can also happen during sporting events or even while playing with your children. The most common symptoms are pain and stiffness in the neck, but you may also experience headaches, dizziness, and vision problems.

There are a few different types of whiplash injuries that can occur:

" Soft tissue injury " - This type is when the skin or muscles in your neck have been stretched too far and will be temporarily painful. It's essential to stay well hydrated during this time to heal.

" Disc injury " - This can happen if the muscles and ligaments in your neck have been stretched too far, which will cause a small tear or crack to form inside the disc that holds up your vertebrae. You may experience more severe pain than with soft tissue injuries during this time and numbness, weakness, and trouble walking.

" Facet joint injury " - This type of whiplash is a result from the ligaments that surround your facet joints being stretched too far, which will cause them to tear and crack. As a result, you may experience severe pain during this time, along with numbness and weakness in your arms or legs.

" Spinal cord injury " - This is the most serious type of whiplash injury and can cause permanent damage to your spinal cord. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it's essential to seek medical attention right away.


What side effects does whiplash cause?

Whiplash is a severe injury that can cause several side effects, including:

- Pain in the neck and shoulders

- Headache

- Fatigue

- Difficulty sleeping

- Dizziness

- Blurred vision

- Nausea

- Ringing in the ears.


Do you only feel the pain from whiplash in your neck?

Is the pain radiating towards your shoulders, down your arms, or to the other parts of your body? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, whiplash has caused a herniated disk. A herniated disk occurs when there is excess pressure on a spinal disc which causes it to burst and leak out the fluid in between its layers. This is not a pleasant experience, but there are ways to prevent it from happening again and heal the herniated disk you have now.

Many people think of whiplash as an injury sustained only during car accidents or falls. The shocking truth, however, is that most whiplashes occur due to movements of the spine. This is especially true for people in jobs that require long periods of sitting or immobility, such as office workers and computer programmers.

Can whiplash cause pain to occur in other areas of the body?

Yes, it can. A whiplash is a form of neck injury that causes damage to the intervertebral disks in between your vertebrae. These are gel-like cushions that act as shock absorbers for your spine and protect you from getting injured when there is any impact on your body. If whiplash occurs, it can cause the discs to become herniated. This means that the disk will bulge out and pressure the spinal cord or nerve roots. As a result, you may experience pain in other parts of your body, such as your shoulders, arms, back, or legs.

Can a chiropractor heal whiplash, or do they treat the painful symptoms of whiplash?

Chiropractors can heal whiplash. They will perform a thorough examination of your spine and neck to determine what is causing the pain from whiplash. Then, they can start treatment, including spinal adjustments or gentle pressure on particular nerve points using their hands. Chiropractic care involves more than just adjustments, though. Chiropractors will also teach you how to do exercises and stretches, which can help heal whiplash faster and give you nutritional advice on foods that are good for your health and healing process.

If I have a herniated disk from whiplash pain, am I at risk of having it happen again?

Yes, if you continue to experience stress or tension in your body, there is always a chance that another herniated disk may occur; this means more pain! It helps to think about what caused the injury in the first place so that you can prevent similar situations from happening again. If work demands long periods of sitting down with little movement involved, then maybe it's time to find a new job!

If you are a computer programmer or office worker, try and stand up regularly during the day so that your body is not in one position for too long. Also, it's important to get regular exercise outside of work hours as this can help relieve stress levels, reducing the chances of another herniated disk developing.

Try out some gentle stretches such as neck rolls and shoulder shrugs during breaks at work; these exercises only take five minutes, but they help! It also helps if you have an ergonomic chair with good back support because sitting down without proper posture or support causes tension on your spine over time. Lastly, ensure that you sleep on a comfortable mattress every night when you go home from work since a good night's sleep is crucial for healing.

These are all great tips to keep in mind if you have recently sustained a whiplash injury and are experiencing any associated symptoms. Remember that it is essential to seek medical attention as soon as possible so that you can start on the road to recovery! If you are still unsure about what to do, speak to your doctor or chiropractor for more advice.

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