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Chakra Wisdom Tarot Review

Dec 25

The Chakra Wisdom Tarot is a deck of cards based on the Chakra system. The material comes from the author's personal experiences. Hartman often received messages from angels, which she used in imagery and card meanings. Her approach to Chakras is personal, which gives the deck its unique charm. The book also contains exercises that help the user apply the Tarot's principles to their daily lives. The tarot cards are not merely a guide to healing, but also a powerful manifestation tool.

The Tarot is an excellent tool for developing your clairvoyance skills. The Chakra Wisdom Tarot incorporates the seven chakras into each card, creating a more powerful divination tool. The Fool is a great example of a card, as his presence is associated with intuition. By using this tarot deck, you can activate your inner energy bodies and enhance your clairvoyance. It is also a useful training tool.

The Chakra Wisdom Tarot is a great deck to use when you are exploring your intuitive path. The seven major arcana cards are divided into four groups. The minor arcana is split into three and two minor cards for each chakra. Each of the seven majors carries its own meaning. The Fool is the embodiment of all the other cards, and represents each of the four majors. It is a wonderful deck for beginners.

This tarot deck was developed to encourage readers to apply the principles of the Chakra Wisdom system to the cards. It is a very useful tool for intuitive readers and anyone wanting to find their way in the world. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle has been designed to inspire personal insights and intuitive paths. It also helps you manifest your goals in today's world. Its tarot cards are full of colour and are a great way to meditate and reflect on your own life.

The book is well-organized, with images of the cards. There are chapters for each Chakra, which feature general impressions and keywords. Each chapter is followed by an overview of the cards that correspond to the specific Chakra. During the process of reading, the reader is guided through a meditation that focuses on the individual's needs and desires. This Tarot is a great manifestation tool and a great way to improve your life.

The book is well-organized and contains images of the cards. There are separate chapters for each Chakra. Each chapter contains a general impression about the particular Chakra. For instance, the card corresponding to the root chakra is represented by all Aces, 8s, and Red. The Fool, Temperance, and The Fool are all in red. Those cards that correspond to the crown of the head are the ones for the uppermost Chakra.

The Chakra Wisdom Tarot is a great resource for tarot readers. The 78-card deck depicts the chakra energy system in the human body and offers a step-by-step guidebook to the Sanskrit symbols. The tarot's energy system connects the various parts of the body, and a person's life is reflected in the cards' layout. Whether the tarot is used for healing or divination, it will help the reader understand what each of the chakras are and how to work with them.

Despite the deck's name, the Chakra Wisdom Tarot isn't as mystical as its name suggests. It is a deck of cards based on the chakra system. It is a very useful divination tool that combines the power of the Chakras with tarot reading. Its new tarot is an essential addition to a tarot collection. The tarot's colors can be interpreted by anyone of any level of experience.

The Chakra Wisdom Tarot's cards are made for people who want to use a deck to help them learn about themselves. The first deck, called the Muladhara, is a popular one. Its cards relate to "The Route Taken" and focus on family beliefs and shifting old ideas. Its elements are Earth and the Sun. The other three tarot decks are a little more traditional, but they're still worth considering.

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