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What You Need to Know About Caftans in 2021

Nov 23

What you need to know about caftans in 2021

Caftans are likely to be the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. They're easy to wear, care for, travel with and can be worn everywhere from the beach to the boardroom.

They're also perfect transitional pieces, working equally well in spring or summer. The beauty of owning one or several caftans is that they give you an instant outfit when time is tight; simply throw on some sandals or wedges, add some  moissanite earrings or bangles and you will look instantly stylish.

Caftan dresses are usually made from light cotton or silk voile fabrics which are cool in warmer weather but have the added benefit of being warm enough even for cooler days if layered beneath a long sleeved top or sweater.

They are usually ankle or floor length so can be worn with flats, heels or wedges for differing looks and styles. The best thing is caftans almost always look stylish without trying - so even if you're late for work no one will notice.

Caftan dresses are great to take travelling as they don't crease easily (important if you're spending time in small closets) and provide the ideal outfit for evening wear when there isn't much room left in your suitcase.

How should I wear it to the workplace?

Caftans come in many shapes, sizes and colours but all variations make a really stunning alternative to more traditional dress at the office which is why they've become increasingly popular in recent years. At the office, the loose fit of a caftan dress or top allows you to be comfortable while still looking professional and stylish. Like all great fashion trends it is well worth starting slow - if your office culture doesn't allow for creativity in dress, start with accessories like scarves or shoes before moving on to wearing them over more typical work wear items like pencil skirts or tailored trousers.

Key wardrobe essentials:

Caftans are all about comfort so there really aren't any specific rules when it comes to what to wear underneath other than that bare legs must be smooth and shiny (for evening) but skin can be just as beautiful under layers of soft fabrics too!

As an alternative to bare legs, you might like to consider wearing tights, opaque black or sheer colour stockings. Simply remove any visible seams with nail scissors to get the right look.

Caftan dresses are usually ankle length so it is important that your shoes are also flat; ballet pumps or sandals look really stylish while wedges can work well in warmer weather when combined with bare legs and a sleeveless top underneath the caftan for extra modesty.

A light sweater or kimono-style cardigan worn over one of our silk camisoles adds instant warmth on cooler days without detracting from the style of your outfit. Look for pieces in dark earthy colours like golds, browns, reds and oranges, very versatile pieces which will complement any style of caftan.

Another option is to wear a belt with your caftan dress which will highlight the waist while adding definition to an otherwise shapeless outfit. Choose something embellished or ethnic-style but again be careful not to overdo it.

Tops are generally worn loose so look for tops that skim rather than cling, and always ensure you're wearing push up bras whenever possible as the extra support will show through the fabric.  

Good accessories are key when wearing any outfit that's more daring than everyday; remember your necklace and earrings should be simple statement pieces in solid colours towards darker end of the scale (golds, navy, browns) rather than anything too bright like oranges and pinks because it will detract from the look.

If you're not a jewellery person, add interest to your outfit with textured belts or scarves in bright colours which you can wear simply draped over one shoulder; when layering different pieces this is always a great trick to draw attention up and away from the waist.

Remember that shapes like caftans which cover more of your body need less in terms of accessories and bag (keep it simple too); if wearing heels make sure they are comfortable but also practical for walking outdoors.

Caftan dresses can be worn either loose or belted; both styles should skim rather than cling so go for slightly bigger sizes than normal to get this desired effect. Loose caftan dresses look great with a belt around the waist or hips that is loose enough to fall low. Belted caftans look really elegant and can be worn with a cropped blazer for work or a longer jacket for evening wear.

If wearing a short-sleeved top underneath your caftan dress, make sure you remove any visible seams from the sleeves by snipping them off with nail scissors before going out. Caftans also look beautiful over leggings which should always be dark opaque colours like navy, brown, black or charcoal grey.



Remember looks are about proportions, so make sure you take your height, weight and body shape into consideration when trying out this look. If in doubt consult our friends at Style Forum for more examples of how to wear caftan dresses or explore our range for yourself!.