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Style for youngsters: How has it changed in the last ten years?

Nov 22

Style for youngsters - How has it changed in the last 10 years?

Clothes are no longer an accessory to adolescence. It is not just something you wear, it has become a lifestyle which is very much different from our parent's generation. For teenagers, clothes are the most essential part of their lives. They will always be looking for what's new or latest that suits them. They love experimenting with their looks and they think that fashion is every bit as important as good grades at school. From grunge wear to casual chic, they have many choices to pick from nowadays. But there was a time when they were limited to trousers, skirts, tops etc. While some design elements such as diamonds or moissanite stay with us, there are other fashion trends that change through the decades.


Now let us take a look at how fashion has changed in the last 10 years.

Nowadays fashion for youngsters has taken a new turn. The ranges available are very wide. They have many choices to pick from according to their age, likes, dislikes etc.

  • 1999 : Grungewear was the only choice for youngsters who wanted to look funky and different. This trend took over suddenly after the release of the movie dum maaro dum in which lead actors Bipasha Basu and John Abraham wore this kind of clothes.
  • 2008 : Karl Kani launched his flagship store at Janpath New Delhi where he introduced his first line of menswear Clothing that soon became popular among teenagers as it was heavily inspired by hip-hop fashion trends.
  • 2010 : The fashion for youngsters became more interesting and creative day by day. They showed great interest in prints, styles, patterns etc.
  • 2011 : Colours like pastel pink, mango, peach were very popular among girls of this age group. This was the time when they started exploring different options at their disposal .The simple T-shirts later on inspired many top brands to launch 'casual' collections that took over the market soon after.
  • 2012 : Brands focus shifted towards t-shirts. They designed t-shirts with catchy prints, kurtas etc. Casual chic was the new motto for them as they preferred comfort over anything else.
  • 2013 : They were all about layering now . They started experimenting with their wardrobes by layering up their clothes according to the latest trends.
  • 2014 : Latest trends like ripped jeans, graphic prints, and Indian outfits were adapted by them with their own unique style.
  • 2015:They're crazy about long shirts and printed pants. They felt that they could wear any kind of clothes and look great in it.


Sticking to one particular style is not a good idea for teens as this makes them look boring and dull unless they add some elements of surprise to their looks like trendy accessories or footwear to break the monotony of always donning the same clothes. Follow the latest trends without compromising on your comfort level because nothing can ruin your whole day with more than badly fitting clothes. Make sure you research well before picking up any particular style and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Always dress according to your body type.Do not try to wear clothes which look best on your friend if they don't suit you.

Avoid wearing the same kind of outfits frequently.It will make people feel that you're lacking in creativity and originality. Try something new every time because fashion trends keep changing every day and even the most unique outfit can become obsolete after three years or so.

Don't wear heavy jewelry with skin-hugging clothes. Heavy clothing with heavy accessories is an absolute NO-NO for teen girls because this can give rise to a bulky, clumsy figure with no definition at all.

Keep an eye on your budget and make sure you don't spend too much on clothes as trends keep changing every day and what's in today can become out of fashion tomorrow.

Do not experiment with different color combinations unless you're a pro. Bright colors may suit some people but they might not suit everyone. So if you plan to wear a neon pink dress or a yellow top then make sure you style it up with anything neutral like black, blue, grey etc.

Finally, do not try to copy your favorite celebrity because ultimately the final look depends entirely on your skin tone, body shape, and face cut which reflect the kind of clothes that suit you most so never compromise on comfort over style. 

Here are a few tips & tricks from us for teen girls- 

  • Wear light colors in summer and dark colors in winter. 
  • Always wear clothes which are appropriate for your age. 
  • Stick to light to medium tones. Extremely loud colors make you look much older than you actually are. Avoid wearing flashy accessories with loud outfits.
  • Always follow the latest trends but try not to copy them exactly because this makes you look like a doll in the end. Learn how to experiment with different styles and prove yourself as an individual who knows what looks best on her.
  • Invest in classic pieces rather than following fads & fashion crazes because these things get outdated soon after they appear on the ramp.
  • Use flattering makeup if needed or just skip it completely according to your requirement. Remember that less is more when it comes to makeup.

Follow your own personal style. Don't copy someone else's look. There are thousands of fashion blogs out there that give you updated information about the latest trends every day but make sure you follow your own sense of style not someone else's or you'll end up looking like a mess rather than making any kind of statement with your look.

Hope this article helps you understand how to dress for different occasions & events like birthday parties, school days, college days etc. Stay tuned for more such posts in the future and don't forget to leave us some feedback if possible regarding this post. Till then stay stylish!

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